Monday, May 5, 2008

Gargoyles: Bad Guys #3 - Out Next Week?

According to Diamond's upcoming release list, it appears that Bad Guys #3 is scheduled to be released on May 14th, that's just one week from this coming Wednesday. The listing is inaccurately labeled "Gargoyles #3," but given the price ($3.50, like Bad Guys #2) and the fact that we know BG#3 has been completed (by guest penciller Christopher Jones) for a long time, it's a pretty safe bet that this is BG#3.

Hopefully, the date won't be pushed back, which I don't see any reason for since BG#3 has had plenty of time to get approved by Disney. We'll know
next Monday, when this list will become the 'new realease list,' and maybe at that time, they'll fix the name. So, for now, rejoice! We might just have an actual monthly Gargoyles schedule on our hands!

Either way, whoopie!

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