Thursday, February 28, 2008

Awesome News - A New Gargoyles T-Shirt!!

Hot Topic is selling a new Gargoyles t-shirt, according to Greg's latest ramble over at Ask Greg. You can see the post here.

Here's a picture of the shirt:

And you can get it HERE!

This is a good sign for us Gargoyles fans, and an incredible opportunity to prove that Gargoyles is not finished! If you can, buy the shirt. Let's make it clear to Disney that we want Gargoyles merchandise.

I know I'll definitely be getting one.

UPDATE: I got two.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Forward Momentum

Wow, I cant believe it's been over two weeks since I last posted, the time flew. I've been pretty busy with school, so sorry guys, you gotta bear with me, I've got a lot on my plate right now...being an art student is a difficult deal.

So, I noticed that I have been getting some visitors, but I guess no one really wanted to vote on the poll, which is cool, I can get rid of it, but I'm there any reason? You guys gotta give me some feedback, let me know how I'm doing, let me know if there are things that you wanna see or things that you don't. Is the poll too hokey? Gimme something to go on. For now, you're getting another poll.

Anyways, let's get to the good stuff: I created a poster of sorts, as a way to hopefully increase public knowledge of the series. The goal is to be able to put it up on the boards at my school, and places like that. Um, admittedly it's kinda plain, but I wasn't going for the wow-factor, it was more about getting the point across, which is something along the lines of
"There's a new Gargoyles comic book series...Buy it!" So, eventually I'll make the poster available to you all, so you can download it and post it up at your schools too, or as something quick and easy to give to your friends or family to get them interested.

The reason I'm not making the poster available right now is simply because I want to make sure that I'm not breaking the law by taking the images of the comics and reproducing them and then posting them everywhere, so I will definitely be looking into that. If anyone knows anything about that, or could point me to a link that would give me some info that would be a great help. (I'm an art is not at the forefront of my knowledge :P)

Here's a preview of the poster, to get your juices flowing (remember, it's nothing spectacular):

Hopefully we'll have some fresh Gargoyles news soon, but in the meantime I'll look into this whole poster deal, see if we can't get some forward momentum going. Again, if anyone can help with that, it would be a huge help, especially since lately time moves much faster than I can.

Leave some comments!

Monday, February 11, 2008

An Update on Things to Come

Today, Greg posted an update at Ask Greg explaining how things are progressing for the comics, as well as some new information on a new comic book being written by Greg, featuring Red Tornado, and episodes of the new animated series The Spectacular Spider-Man. The info can be found here or read below:

Where things stand...

Uh... they don't. Not for me. They run at break-neck speed, these days. Here's what I'm up to.

Issue #8 is complete. Late last week it was sent to Disney AND the printer, so that the moment the former approves it, the latter can send it to press.
Issue #9 is written. David Hedgecock is doing roughs and original designs now. The cover, already pencilled and inked by Greg Guler,is being colored by Robby Bevard.
Issue #10 needs to get written. I'll get to that as soon as I'm done writing Red Tornado #1 (see below). Dave will be pencilling that cover off his rough.

Issue #2 is currently being lettered. The art is complete: pencils and inks by Karine Charlebois, finishes by Karine and Robby. The cover, a Guler/Bevard job featuring Yama, is done.
Issue #3 is currently being roughed out by guest artist Christopher A. Jones. Chris is the regular penciller on The Batman Strikes, and he and I worked together on the Captain Atom/Gargoyles/Justice League Europe parody from a few years back. The cover, a Guler/Bevard job featuring Hunter, is done.
Issue #4 is currently being roughed by Karine. The cover, a Guler/Bevard job featuring Fang, is done.
Issue #5 will get scripted as soon as I'm done scripting Red Tornado #1, Gargoyles #10 and Red Tornado #2. Guler is currently working on the cover, which features Dingo.

DC Comics has hired me to write a six issue limited series featuring one of my favorite characters, i.e. Red Tornado. (Duh.) I'm currently scripting issue #1. I'm hoping that any attention I get on this book will help us over on the Gargoyles books.

And, oh yeah... there's my actual job... and the main reason why I'm completely exhausted these days.
Episode #1 - This week we have a music and fx preview. The episode will preview at WonderCon on 2/23 and premiere on KidsWB on 3/8.
Episode #2 - We had a music and fx spottting session last week. This episode will ALSO premiere on KidsWB on 3/8. Or so I've been told.
Episode #3 - I've seen the Teaser and Act One. Hopefully, I'll see the missing acts this week, so that we can do our first pass edit and call retakes. We also have a music spotting session late this week.
Episode #4 - We should get it back from Korea this week to edit and call retakes.
Episodes #5-12 - We're waiting to get these back from Korea.
Episode #13 - Reviewing final color models.
Episodes #14-15 - Seeing design work daily and waiting to see storyboards.
Episodes #16-17 - Seeing design work daily. We'll be recording some pick-ups this week with a couple of actors who missed the main recording sessions earlier this month.
Episode #18 - We're recording this one on Thursday of this week.
Episode #19 - I need to finish editing the script for this one tonight.
Episode #20 - I'll start editing this script tonight or tomorrow.
Episode #21 - The writer should deliver this script late this week.
Episode #22 - The writer's working on this script now.
Episode #23 - The writer's working on this outline now.
Episode #24 - The writer will start this outline when she finishes writing the script to #21.
Episode #25 - I have to write this outline... you know, on my free time.
Episode #26 - The writer will write this outline when he's done writing the script for #22.

And I think that's it. Whew!

It seems as though things are moving along nicely, hopefully Disney won't take too long to approve issue #8, and if all goes smoothly we should have it fairly soon.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

With the Good Comes the Bad, But That Doesn't Mean We Have to Accept It..

Being as this is the first post, I guess I should start by explaining the purpose of this blog.

You all remember that awesome animated Disney TV series, Gargoyles, right? Stone by day, warriors by night! Frozen in stone by a magic spell...well, anyways, in June 2006, almost 10 years after the second season finale (which is the final episode considered canon by creator Greg Weisman) the first issue of a new ongoing Gargoyles comic series was released by SLG. The first two issues were a retelling of the third season premiere episode, which was altered from Greg's original script.

The third issue, released on March 28, 2007, was the first new story in the Gargoyles Universe in over 10 years.
The series is now awaiting its 8th issue, and has a spin-off, 6 issue miniseries, Gargoyles: Bad Guys awaiting its 2nd issue! Unfortunately, with the good, comes the bad. According to a recent post at Ask Greg, a website where fans can interact and ask questions, to be answered by Greg Weisman, Greg had this to say about the future of the comic series:

"Sales on the book have dropped with every issue, which is depressing enough in and of itself. But if the trend continues, then SLG will have no choice but to let the license go when it next comes up for renewal. We're still one of their best-selling books (if not THE best), but most SLG books don't come with a massive license fee draining money away. We should be good finishing out Clan-Building (i.e. issue #12) and Redemption (i.e. Bad Guys issue #6), but there's no guarantee we'll continue beyond that if sales don't pick up -- or at the very least level off."

So, there you have it. The purpose of this blog is to hopefully increase awareness of the comic, in hopes that more fans will buy the comic, which will hopefully mean that the comic's license will be renewed.

To the left is a drawing of Goliath done by the comic's pencil artist, David Hedgecock. To find out more about the comic, you can visit GargWiki, Ask Greg, SLG or the Gargoyles (SLG comic) page at Wikipedia.

To purchase the comics, you can go to, the SLG website, or

Now, I would be remiss if I didn't also mention that Gargoyles Season One and Season Two, Volume One have both been released on DVD. However, due to the low sales of Season Two, Volume One, Disney currently has no plans to release Season Two, Volume Two. If you haven't purchased these great sets, you can get them here at Amazon. The more DVDs that are sold, the more likely it is that Disney will release Season Two, Volume Two!

So, with the good, comes the bad...but that doesn't mean we have to accept it. With the vast fandom surrounding the Gargoyles Universe, there is no reason for this comic to be in jeopardy. If every fan who attends the Gatherings (click the link for info if you don't know what this is) buys just one copy of each issue, that would be more than enough to ensure that our favorite winged warriors will be defending the night for years to come. Let's act now, before its too late.