Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hunger Pangs; Bad Guys #5, #6 Solicitations

First, I just have to let everyone know that I'm going through Gargoyles withdrawal. My two copies of Bad Guys #3 have still not shipped from Midtown Comics, and no comic shops near me order Gargoyles comics. I'm itching to get my hands on some fresh material, so this news was a nice pick-me-up:

Thanks to a post by Greg Bishansky over at the Comment Room, we now have the solicitations for the final two issues of Gargoyles: Bad Guys!

Here they are, with a tiny bit in the way of spoilers (which most of us are already aware of), so if you don't want anything revealed, this may not be for you:

Gargoyles: Bad Guys #5 & #6

by Greg Weisman & Various Questions abound in Redemption Chapter V! What's on the mysterious island that the Squad has so desperately been trying to reach? Who sent the flying Robots? And how much does Dingo know about their attacker - a figure from his past? Then, in the final battle against the forces of the Illuminati, each member of the squad will have to decide just whose side they are on. Is redemption even possible for the bad guys? And if so, at what cost? Find out in Redemption Chapters V and VI!

According to GargWiki, the titles are BG#5 - Strangled and BG#6 - Losers.

Being that they were solicited as a pair, I'm assuming that the plan is for them to have relatively close release dates, and given the information the solicitation provides, I think it's a safe assumption that these final two issues will focus much more on the present as opposed to the three issues that have already been released, which have progressed predominantly through flashbacks.

P.S. - A little bit of news that I neglected to post: Karine has stated that she has finished BG#4, and is currently working on #5. I had updated the "Upcoming Releases" list on the right-hand side of the blog, but I didn't have the time to post her actual comments. So sorry, but here it is now, for anyone who may have missed it:

About Bad Guys #3: Toldja you'd like Chris's art! :) I was very happy to learn that he was going to be picking up my slack, and then was even happier to see his work when it came in. I learned some stuff from him, too.

Issue #4 was finished last week; I'm currently halfway into #5's roughs, and I've got just about a quarter inked. Just so you know.

So, hopefully if Gargoyles #9 is not ready to be released in June, Disney will have at least finished approving BG#4, so we won't have to go a whole month without something Gargoyles-related to feed our hunger. We're getting close to the end of Bad Guys, and it looks like it keeps getting better and better. I can't wait!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bad Guys #3 - Out TODAY!

I'd have to check back to be sure, but I think I can safely say that BG#3 is the topic that I have posted about the most. So, here's the last one, to reiterate what most of us already know: BG#3 was released today!

If you haven't gotten it yet, because you haven't had the time, or your comic book store hates you (that's my reason), then take a look at the preview of the art by Christopher Jones here, and the cover image below to hold you over until you get to read it!

Although I try my best to avoid spoilers, from what I've heard so far, it's a great issue. So make sure you pick one up!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Bad Guys #3 - Cover Image, Part 2

This image is much clearer than the previous image that I posted, and the photos of Robyn appear to have a shiny coating from the desk lamp (I really appreciate those nice, subtle details). There's also another difference that seemed a bit strange to me. The image in the previous post lists Robyn's DOB as June 19th. The image below lists it as February 20th. It could be as simple as Greg Guler putting in a random date, and then having to change it when Greg told him the actual date. Hmm... if anyone knows anything, let me know.

Anyway, here it is.

(click to enlarge)

It's really is a beaut.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Bad Guys #3 - Cover Image

Here's the cover for Gargoyles: Bad Guys #3.

(click to enlarge)

Wow, by far my favorite cover. Greg Guler's artwork is gorgeous as usual, but the coloring is just incredible. Robby Bevard has outdone himself.

What do you guys think?

Bad Guys #3 - Out Wednesday (for real this time)

According to Diamond Comics, Gargoyles: Bad Guys #3 will be released this Wednesday, May 21st. Make sure to pick up a copy or two (I get two). If you haven't already seen the preview of this issue, check it out here. Guest artist Christopher Jones' work looks great, can't wait to see more.

Again, a little reminder that if we want to get to a Pendragon or Timedancer series, it's probably going to be dependent on the success of Bad Guys. Make sure you pick up a copy.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Gargoyles: Best Anthropomorphic Comic Book 2006

Congratulations are in order. The winners of the Ursa Major Awards were announced yesterday, and Gargoyles has won the category of Best Anthropomorphic Comic Book for 2006. A list of the other categories and their winners can be found here.

This is great news, hopefully the people over at Disney get wind of this. Hmm...maybe someone should e-mail them.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Bad Guys #3 - Out Next Week (We Hope!)

It has become somewhat of a pattern for Diamond Comics' release dates to end up being pushed back a week, and according to the upcoming release list, that's what has now happened to Gargoyles: Bad Guys #3, which is scheduled for May 21. If the pattern holds true, the comic will definitely be released next week. While it's not too long a delay, I was still really hoping the date wouldn't get pushed back this time, but what can ya do.

Don't forget that BG#3 is guest pencilled by Christopher Jones, and if you want to see a preview of his work on this issue, you can find 7 preview pages right here.

Even though it's old new, that should hold us over. A week will go pretty fast.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Another Tidbit from Karine

Apparently other fans have been hoping for the same thing I've been hoping for (it's probably what most of us are hoping for), that if and when the next spin-off (Gargoyles: Pendragon) is made, that Karine might stay on as the regular penciller. Here's what she had to say about it:

No. No no no. I am taking a break, guys. After Bad Guys is done, I'm going to concentrate on the day job and enjoy the fact that I'll have free time.

Later on, if/when we get to Timedancer or another Bad Guys story, I'll put my name in, but I've been working multiple jobs for several years and I honestly, truly, need a break. My kids are little and require my attention, and I also have personal projects that are itching to be made into reality, so I'm going to concentrate on that for a little while.

As for the artist on Pendragon... When it was discussed a year and a half ago, someone I know put their hand up to work on the title. It was a while ago, and their schedule might or might not permit it now... but if they can do it, I'm going to be VERY HAPPY. And so will you.

I guess the good news is that if we make it to Timedancer, chances are she'll be back, and apparently there's another great artist who may be interested in working on Pendragon. I wonder who it could be...

If there's any word on who this mystery artist is or could be, I'll be sure to keep you informed.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Post from Kanthara

Karine Charlebois, the incredible Kanthara, who guest pencilled Gargoyles #5, and is currently pencilling Bad Guys, posted at the Comment Room over at Station Eight, giving us some nice information about cameos in the comics, and progress on BG#4. If you haven't read Bad Guys #2 yet, there are SPOILERS:

Hey guys,

I popped in to sneak a peak at your comments on BG#2. I am TICKLED PINK. I am incredibly flattered by your compliments on the comic and the art.

I also wanted to apologize for the delay. Okay, it spent a long time at Disney waiting for approval, but I also had trouble delivering on time due to sick kids and taking on more work than I could actually accomplish in the time I had. This is why Christopher Jones acted as fill-in artist for issue #3.

The reason why issue 3 is coming out so quickly after #2 is that the license has a limited time duration, and the LS has to be done within that time. So we're trying to catch up on the schedule.

In any case, I think you will enjoy Chris's art. I know I learned a lot from it, and my work on issue 4 is better for it. Just so you know, the art of issue 4 is finished, and the lettering is happening right now.

A few comments and responses about the cameos. Some months ago, I made a call for cameos in my LJ. There were a few people I knew I wanted to include -- Greg B, for example, because he's been a big help with finding references and screencaps -- but I needed more people to fill up panels. So, next to Greg and Mara, you'll see Adriana (Ginnonami) and Lanny Fields (Invisible Wolf) waiting for the bus. On the following page, where "Fred" greets the other inhabitants of the Labyrinth, there's a group of guys chatting in the back: these are my gaming buddies. You've noticed human!Kanthara in Tokyo, and Vinnie was in the script. Rene (damoclesangel) is in that page as well as he is really currently there.

Benny's "I believe" t-shirt is a complete invention on my part. I thought it was amusing. I'm glad you think so too.

The coffee Dingo is drinking is actually a nod to the place where I did most of issue #2: I spent my working days at Second Cup, a coffee shop chain. The logo on Dingo's cup is a flipped version of theirs.

Issue 4 will have more cameos, because I enjoy them far too much. For those going to the Gathering, the page will be shown in the art show.

About "how much is script and how much is artist interpretation": I'll ask Greg if I can post a page of script to show. My experience as a comic book artist is limited, but as a storyboard artist, spans over several years. Greg's scripts, in my opinion, are clear, to the point, and don't lose themselves in details the actual reader will never see. He writes in such a way that I have room to manoeuvre, but at the same time I seem to have an easy time getting what he wants and drawing it right.

About the review: Well, seeing as I'm two issues in front of you (three if you count the fact that I've read the script for issue 5), I know that his concerns about continuity and obscure character references will get resolved in the following issues. Plus, you should count on issues 3 and 5 of Gargoyles, the main book, as your refresher as to who Sevarius is, mostly in Al's telling to Shari. It's recent enough (and while yes, it should have come out months ago, the time frame is still recent) and I doubt people who are picking up Bad Guys aren't picking up Gargoyles as well.

I'm sure I'm forgetting something. I was planning on going to bed early to celebrate my being finished with issue 4, but the lure of s8 was too great...

OH YEAH! Come to the Gathering to learn more about Bad Guys and see original art and perhaps even bid on original pages! I'll be selling some of my pages.

It seems that Bad Guys #4 has plenty of time to get finished and approved by the time it is expected for release in July, and hopefully this will keep the series on schedule til the end.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Gargoyles: Bad Guys #3 - Out Next Week?

According to Diamond's upcoming release list, it appears that Bad Guys #3 is scheduled to be released on May 14th, that's just one week from this coming Wednesday. The listing is inaccurately labeled "Gargoyles #3," but given the price ($3.50, like Bad Guys #2) and the fact that we know BG#3 has been completed (by guest penciller Christopher Jones) for a long time, it's a pretty safe bet that this is BG#3.

Hopefully, the date won't be pushed back, which I don't see any reason for since BG#3 has had plenty of time to get approved by Disney. We'll know
next Monday, when this list will become the 'new realease list,' and maybe at that time, they'll fix the name. So, for now, rejoice! We might just have an actual monthly Gargoyles schedule on our hands!

Either way, whoopie!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

My Gargoyles Store

I've created an aStore, devoted to Gargoyles related items. My intention is to provide an easily accessible area that presents a variety of Gargoyles merchandise, in the hopes that this will encourage sales of the comics, and DVDs, and hopefully an help to foster a general interest in gargoyles.

It's called Winged Warriors Warehouse...corny, huh?

So, anyway, stop by and check it out, and if you haven't bought the comics or DVDs yet, think about it. Clan-Building Vol. 1 is on sale for $13.57, down from its original price of $19.95. That's a nice little savings for those of you who don't have it..or want an extra copy..

Mother's Day is coming up, maybe mom wants to get back into that great cartoon you used to force her to watch when you were young? Just a suggestion. ;)

Bad Guys #2 - Better Quality Cover Image

Here's a bigger version of the cover image, it's not great, but it's an improvement. Unfortunately the two comic shops near me have both stopped ordering Gargoyles comics...they haven't been selling well enough, which made me pretty sad. I'll have to settle for ordering them online from now on. :(

(click to enlarge)

Anyways, hope you all got yours, from what I've heard so far it's a great issue with tons of new info! I can't wait..but I guess I'll have to. P.S. - There's a new poll, and a new Picture of the Month, both in honor of BG#2, check them out and vote!