Monday, June 2, 2008

Update - Bad Guys #4, Gargoyles #9, #10

In a post over at the Comment Room, Robby Bevard updates us on the status of Bad Guys #4, Gargoyles #9 and Gargoyles #10. Read the post below for the info:

Another status update on the Gargs comic, since there are obviously some questions again. Based on how much was done last time I posted, around the end of April, I had hoped to be done with issue 9, have it approved by Disney, at the printers, and out by June. As of April 25th, that was still possible. As of today, it is not.

There have been a few unforeseen delays in the production, so the issue is not quite finished yet. Obviously, it is a bit further behind schedule than hoped. BG4 HAS been completely finished, as it did not suffer the same delays, so its gone off through approvals and printing and all that, and it will be out first. Issue 9 will go out as soon as possible once it is fully done. On the upside, issue 10 is nearly half drawn already, (and it looks great) so it should come out not too long after issue 9, is the one big upside to the delay.

So, the disappointing news is that G#9 won't be out in June, but BG#4 will, so at least there's a silver lining. Bad Guys has been great so far, and having G#9 and #10 come out one after the other promises to be a nice, and (given the storyline) incredibly exciting two months for us Gargoyles fans.

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Any news as when is Gargoyles 9 coming????