Tuesday, March 25, 2008

New Update from Greg

Greg included an update on the comics schedule today in a response to questions I asked him. You can see the post here.

Here's the important info:

Gargoyles #8 - should be coming out tomorrow, March 26.

Bad Guys #2 - since both G#8 and BG#2 were sent to Disney for approval at the same time, we know that this has been approved and should come out next month.

Gargoyles #9 -
fully roughed and being pencilled by David Hedgecock.

Bad Guys #3 -
complete, a preview of guest artist Christopher Jones' work can be viewed below.

Gargoyles #10 -
fully scripted

Bad Guys #4 -
fully roughed and being pencilled and inked by Karine Charlebois.

Red Tornado #2 -
being scripted

Bad Guys #5 -
will be scripted after RT#2

Things look like they're shaping up nicely, both BG#2 and #3 being finished will hopefully provide enough time so that the series can stay on schedule until it ends with #6.

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